This project could not have reached this stage

without the valued help of our volunteers. 


There are many ways in which to help and 

volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.  


No particular skill is needed. 

There is almost certainly something

 YOU could do! 







       Friends of Renovating Cowbridge Mill Entirely, was established to support the Mill and Forge project. We now have over 100 members.

The aims of “FORCE” are:

        1. To support the renovation of Cowbridge Mill to ensure the continuation of  its 700 years of existence and return it to a working mill powered by water.

       2. To support the development at the Mill of a collection of agricultural tools and machinery of historical value and interest.

                                FORCE provides help in the following ways:-

  •   Providing voluntary labour or expertise
  •   Assisting on “Open Days” etc.
  •   General Fundraising
  •   Promoting and advertising the Mill

       If you are interested in helping in any way please talk to Owen about what you can do or email


        Volunteers helping to replace the new shaft in 2007  Some of the volunteers getting a last minute briefing before an Open Day.
      The educational display area created by our volunteers. Visitors enjoying the delicious cakes and teas prepared by our volunteers.













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Visiting the Mill



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